Sexting with Emojis: Genitalia

Sexting with Emojis: Genitalia

Year of the juicy peach anyone? Whether you’re just talking about your friends badonkadonk or need to be coded on social media, here’s our list of most used seggsual body part emoji’s.




The classic girthy and erect penis.




Eggplant penis’s less well-endowed sibling.





Unwrapping a penis, or a grocery list item for the sex-ed class you’re teaching.



Hot Pepper

A really hot, attractive penis. What it may lack in size it makes up for in sheer beauty and heat.


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Also a penis, but impatient, like a typical Sagittarius.



The classic butt emoji, as popularized by Kim Kardashian. A much-needed alternative to spelling out butt, booty, ass, buns, etc. Sometimes used as a vagina. Example: 🍑📞 (Booty Call)





A midwestern crunchy shelled vagina stuffed with spicy carnitas.



Fortune Cookie

A vagina with a surprise inside. “A golden vagina of opportunity falls into your lap this month.”


Aries Zodiac Sign

The vagina of the night sky. Pairs well with Saggitarius.



Somehow this has become the default asshole emoji, for when you need to talk about rim jobs. Chocolate frosting = poop.



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