Sexting with Emojis

Sexting with Emojis

A Highly Scientific Analysis of Emoji as Used for Sexting in 2020
In many ways, emoji are superior to regular written text because they’re succinct (Hemingway would be proud), playful, and subtle. Whether you’re a seasoned sexting expert or struggling with basic fluency, this is a definitive guide to sexting with emoji. 

The Basics



Sweat Drops

The workhorse of the sex emoji repertoire: sweat, semen, wet, squirting, body fluids, lube, etc.



Pointing Sign + Okay Sign

(see also: boning 🦴 and humping 🐫)
Penetrative sex, as communicated by a giggling 13-year-old. 



 🛏 🔨

Break the Bed

Powerful, gymnastic sex that will disturb your neighbors and/or roommates and leave all but the most robust sex furniture in need of repairs. 



Anal Sex

Better than a $3 Sabrett hot dog but without indigestion.

👅 🍭


See Lollipop by Lil Wayne.

👅 🍭 😝 💦 😵

Deadly Blowjob

A blowjob so good that it causes the recipient to die and turn into a ghost.




(or  🍣🥢😜 and 🙇‍♂️👅)

Please don’t actually eat tacos by licking the filling out with your tongue.




The sweat drops are key for differentiating between punching a dick and stroking it to climax.



Repetition helps distinguish this from phallus-in-vagina sex.


Sex Tape

Ask your partner to make a sex video, either by themselves or with you. No one uses camcorders anymore, but somehow we all know what it means, sort of like how floppy disk icons still represent “save.”





The use of the cactus is an unfortunate concession to the fact that the cacti arms best resemble the clit-and-anus stimulating appendages of a typical vibrator.




Sort of makes us wonder if a wedding ceremony has ever involved two men putting rings on each other’s penises instead of their fingers.


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