Mindful Pleasure with Yourself

Mindful Pleasure with Yourself

"Masturbation is the key to self-love and sexual empowerment." - Emily Nagoski

Do you know what the body's most important sex organ is? It might not be what you think, it is our brain! During masturbation, the brain releases tons of hormones, specifically dopamine- our happiness hormone!

At Personal Fav Co, we love that Masturbation month and Mental Health Awareness month are both May. Both areas are clouded with shame and stigma- something we debunk immediately at the forefront and shift into empowering pleasure.

Last May, Briana Chapman, of Planned Parenthood wrote this piece on "Mindful Sexy Time" and we felt with the state of the world, it is important to revisit this!

Masturbation is something so personal with the self and it can be a wonderful way to truly connect with the relationship you have with yourself (the most important relationship there is!). If it feels nice, you're doing it right.

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