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Lube Through the Ages

After reading this, you may think “Ok, what haven’t people used as lube at some point?!” And you may be right because humans are crafty when it comes to reducing friction, even if that means… mayonnaise? Ok eww, we digress. While modern science has proved that sex with lube is better, humans figured this out long before any studies were done. We take it for granted today, but personal lubricant is more safe, effective, and readily available than ever. Here’s our opinionated timeline of Lube through the Ages.


Fun fact: Aristotle mentions a contraceptive lube cocktail consisting of olive oil mixed with cedar oil, lead (!!!), and frankincense. Pliny, another white beard (from Rome), suggested olive oil with pigeon droppings and wine as a mouth-watering alternative. 



Fun fact: An episode of Grace and Frankie has Frankie making a homemade lube out of yams.
Fun Fact: A quarter-mile long section of Central Park known for cruising was nicknamed “Vaseline Alley.”


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